Get a customized version of the ASAP Pathway “Can You Help Emma?” video.

One piece of feedback that we regularly get from ASAP Pathway members is that there isn’t enough public awareness around the importance of treating pediatric airway issues. That’s where our “Can You Help Emma?” animated video comes in. You can use this custom-branded on your website, social media, or even as a standalone television commercial to help educate parents and caregivers about the symptoms of pediatric sleep-disordered breathing and the importance of receiving treatment… because kids can’t wait!

This video was customized for Dr. Weddle:

This video was customized for Dr. Anamelechi:

When you order your animated video, our team
will customize your video with:

  • Your choice of a male or female dentist character in the animation
  • Your doctor name and/or practice name
  • Your practice’s logo
  • Your practice’s phone number
  • Your practice’s website address

Next Steps To Get Your Video


Click on the order customized video button below


Complete the order process, including the one-time customization fee of $499.


Look for an email from our team with a request for your customization information, including logo files.


We will call you with any questions, such as help with the pronunciation of your name.


We will deliver the video in approximately two weeks from receiving the necessary customization details.

Use Your Video To Bolster Your Practice’s Marketing

Get the most from your video with these marketing strategies.

  • Post your video to Facebook and ask people to share it with loved ones who care for children. Link to your website’s pediatric airway page.
  • Post to your Instagram using these hashtags to boost visibility: #ASAPPathway #KidsCantWait #SleepApnea #PediatricSleepApnea #ChildSleep #ChildSleepDisorder #SleepDisorder #SnoringProblem #SleepDisorderedBreathing #AirwayManagement #HealthyKids #KidsHealth #ChildHealth #HealthyChildren #PediatricSleep #PediatricDentist #PediatricPatients #AirwayHealthDentistry #PediatricDentistry #SleepDentist #SleepApneaDentist #SleepSpecialist #OSA #Snoring #ObstructiveSleepDisorder #ObstructiveSleepDisorders #UARS #UpperAirwayResistanceSyndrome #ObstructiveHypopnea #ObstructiveSleepApnea
  • Post to your practice’s Google My Business page as a new post and re-share quarterly.
  • Upload the video to your YouTube channel if you have one and link from the description to the relevant pages of your website.
  • Post to your website on relevant pages and blog posts to break up text and add a visual element, keeping people on your website longer.
  • Include an image of the video in a patient email newsletter, linking to the video and asking your patients for help in sharing the video in their social profiles. Feel free to borrow the ASAP Pathway tagline “Because Kids Can’t Wait” and let them know that you are a member of ASAP Pathway, an organization dedicated to helping kids breathe better, sleep better, and live better lives.
  • Use it anywhere else you want to!

As a member, you are always welcome to share content from our social media posts whenever you’d like. The $499 fee simply covers the cost of customizing the animation and audio with your practice’s information so that parents and caregivers who see your video will know how to contact your office.