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If you think your child is suffering from sleep-disordered breathing, don’t wait. The longer it takes to find treatment, the more your child will suffer.

Fortunately, we have ASAP Pathway dentists around the country ready to help your child find the treatment they deserve. Check out the map to find an ASAP Pathway dentist near you today.

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A Growing Network of Dentists Who Treat Childhood Sleep-Disordered Breathing

At ASAP Pathway, our goal is to grow our provider list so that more parents can help their children find treatment and preventive treatment for childhood sleep-disordered breathing.

With our online training courses, we’re helping more dentists understand how to treat sleep-disordered breathing while also helping them expand their patient base. As a result, more and more dentists are flocking to ASAP Pathway to join our cause to help children breathe!

ASAP Pathway Dentists Make a Difference

Although any dentist can technically offer appliances to help children breathe, ASAP Pathway dentists have education and training behind their treatments. When dentists complete our online courses, they’re gaining valuable knowledge that will help make for more effective treatments. This means that when your child receives treatment from an ASAP Pathway dentist, they will receive the best treatment possible.

In addition to online training, becoming a member also gives them the opportunity to collaborate with other ASAP Pathway dentists. This means that ASAP Pathway dentists can work together to find the best treatment paths for their patients. Sometimes two brains are better than one!

We are a community of dentists who are passionate about treating childhood sleep-disordered breathing. Find an ASAP Pathway dentist near you today to get started.