On-demand pediatric dentistry continuing education program that offers you the education, resources, mentorship and collaboration to help you successfully implement pediatric airway and sleep in your practice.

Level 1: Screening Diagnosis & Risk Assessment

13.5 Hours

  • What is Sleep Disordered Breathing?
  • The parent who says, “my child does not have apnea.”
  • The importance of early recognition and intervention… how many nights without proper oxygenation and proper deep and REM sleep are too many nights for your child?
  • Diagnosis—how do we accurately and objectively recognize airway issues in children?
  • How the pathophysiology of SDB in children is different than in adults, and why it’s often more difficult to diagnose.
  • Medical comorbidities of pediatric SDB.
  • Screening tools that are easy to use, affordable and effective.
  • How to best communicate with your medical colleagues (with samples and templates).
  • Understanding Pediatric PSG’s (and getting a good one in the first place—since kids are NOT just little adults).
  • Data collection: what do you need and why?
  • How to evaluate a ceph for possible airway issues (and communicate with your orthodontic colleagues).
  • Tracey’s Airway Alphabet for Dental Airway strategies!
  • FDA approved Home Sleep Testing for Kids? Are they safe? Reliable? Worth it?
  • How to work with your medical and dental colleagues, instead of trying to work around them (and how to stay out of trouble).

Level 2: Understanding & Applying Interventional Strategies

14 Hours

  • Goals of interventional strategies: what can we realistically accomplish?
  • Understanding the guidelines of treatment for Pediatric OSA.
  • The concept of continuous growth guidance vs. orthodontic treatment.
  • Evaluation and diagnosis of myofunctional disorders and what to do next.
  • Pre-orthodontic phase therapy.
  • Which myofunctional therapy appliances to use. How, why and when?
  • Myofunctional therapy: Should you get a team member involved? Which one? Hygienist or DA? Neither? Both?
  • How and when to refer, depending on your current situation, desires, training, office resources and clinical capacity (i.e. how to not overwhelm your entire team)
  • Understanding all the different disciplines, their roles and how to orchestrate excellent care for your pediatric patients.

Level 3: Advanced Interventional Strategies

10 Hours

  • Myofunctional therapy, breathing, posture.
  • Orthopedic techniques.
  • Orthodontic techniques.
  • Orthodontic concepts: Evidence based treatments for expansion, protraction and the lagging mandible.
  • Interdisciplinary care vs multidisciplinary care.
  • It’s NOT all about the anatomy: understanding and addressing non anatomical factors in pediatric sleep and breathing.

Level 4: How To Take Pediatric Airway and Sleep from Expensive Hobby to Profitable Practice

4 Hours

  • Different Business models: One size NEVER fits all!
  • Marketing yourself (especially when you HATE marketing yourself).
  • Developing the Interdisciplinary Team.
  • Other influences on Sleep—Sleep hygiene/blue light/behaviors/electronics near/in bed, Vitamin D, Medications, stimulants that interfere with REM/cause bruxism, hormones, etc.
  • Training your team!
  • 5 Keys to 500% increase in one year in sleep and tmd practice
  • Medical billing: if, when, how and “just because you can doesn’t mean you should!”

In addition to the 40 hours of content above, we ALSO HAVE…

Quick Bites: Short “TED Style” Talks that are constantly being added to (currently containing):

  • Evidence Based Treatment
  • The Role of the Nose in Airway Collapse
  • How to Order Vitamin D Testing Through Ultra Lab Tests

Video Tutorials (also being added to on a regular basis):

  • Using Anatomodel
  • How to Interpret High Resolution Pulse Oximetry
  • How to tell the difference between CPC Signal quality or ECG abnormality
  • How to use a TMJ Tutor

Zoom Meeting Archives (We’ve been enjoying some awesome zoom meetings with our Founders—and you get to watch them!):

  • Case study reviews
  • Members’ questions
  • Interview with Dr. Stasha Gominak – Vitamin D
  • Interview with Dr. Angie Tenholder – ALF
  • An Interactive conversation with Dr. Steven Park on how to successfully collaborate with ENTs
  • Ed Zebovitz on the growth and development of TMJs
  • and more added each month!

Document Center:

  • Screening tools and forms.
  • Screening questionnaires at the hygiene chair
  • Paperwork for monitoring devices (HRPO, CPC, etc.).
  • Initial Evaluation Templates.
  • Progress Notes (Follow up) Templates.
  • Photo Templates.
  • Flow sheet of how to incorporate in the dental office.
  • Letter templates for correspondence with the medical community.
  • AND MORE!!!

Get access to all of these amazing resources and a supportive community of members!