Pediatric Sleep Disorder

A Parent’s Guide to a Healthy Child

Our number one job as parents is to raise healthy, happy children who turn into healthy, happy, and responsible adults. But each of us is new to parenting with our first child, and even with the second, third, fourth, or fifth, each is different. Each child will have different things that make them happy, [...]

How Growth Guidance Can Help Your Child Avoid Sleep Apnea

There are so many things to think about when raising a child. Science tells us that the way children turn out has a lot to do with you, their parent! Along with all the joyous, funny, and adorable moments, there are also moments of doubt and concern. One thing that many parents don’t think [...]

Sleep Disordered Breathing Linked to Behavioral Issues in Children

Sleep-disordered breathing is a broad term for breathing difficulties during sleep. It can range from light snoring to full-blown pediatric sleep apnea, but every point along the spectrum indicates some sort of blockage in the airway that disrupts your child’s sleep. When an adult has sleep apnea, cognitive impairments come in memory problems, irritability, [...]

Which Breathing Disorder Treatment is Best For My Child?

You’ve probably heard it before; once you have a child, you’ll never sleep soundly again. When they’re infants, they wake up during the night. When they’re toddlers, they don’t want to sleep. When they’re older, they stay out late, and you worry. Older yet, they have their own life, and you worry more. But [...]

Childhood Sleep Apnea vs. Sleep Disordered Breathing

The distinction between pediatric sleep-disordered breathing and pediatric sleep apnea isn’t always clear to parents and caregivers of children with airway problems. Your child can have sleep-disordered breathing without having sleep apnea. These conditions sometimes lie on a continuum. Snoring Upper airway resistance syndrome Obstructive hypopnea Obstructive sleep apnea. [...]

Is My Child At Risk For Pediatric Sleep-Disordered Breathing?

Pediatric sleep-disordered breathing is a condition in which your child stops breathing while asleep. This can range from minor disruptions that are mostly harmless to life-threatening. Breathing disruptions can cause extreme fatigue, leading to a whole host of other health, growth, and behavioral problems. Being an informed parent is imperative to your child’s [...]

ASAP Pathway: Who We Are & How We Can Help

ASAP Pathway stands for “Airway, Sleep, and Pediatrics”. We are here to make sure your child can get the right treatment for pediatric sleep disordered breathing. Pediatric sleep disordered breathing is a lot like adult sleep apnea and snoring but diagnosis and treatment for kids aren’t always the same. When a child [...]

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