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The Airway, Sleep & Pediatrics Pathway is for Dentists looking to help children avoid airway issues and treat those who have already developed sleep and breathing disorders— effectively, efficiently, enjoyably (and profitably).


ASAP Pathway is about Implementation, Collaboration, Community and Outreach. 

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The EXACT Data Collection Forms that we use in our offices daily and to receive news/updates about ASAP Pathway.

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What's Included?

On Demand Educational Library

Access to over 40 hours of video and audio content to watch or listen to whenever and wherever you want.

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook group where you can post questions in a safe and supportive environment and have discussions regarding pediatric dental sleep medicine and the application of it in your practice.

Document Center

On-Demand access to our document center full of ready to modify screening, exam and treatment related forms.

Educational & Practical Meetings

Invitation to our “Zoom Casts” where ASAP Founders and special guests talk about all things pediatric airway and sleep related.

Case Reviews & Team Trainings

Featured Case Reviews of member submitted cases to be discussed with the whole group over live video.

Quick Bites & How-To Videos

Short “TED Style” Talks that are constantly being added to, and video tutorials for practical implementation.

Who is This For?

Not sure if this program is for you? Learn who this program was designed for, and how our Members feel about ASAP!

Ally Drew, DDS

"ASAP is the first comprehensive course that gives you all the tools along with the proper paperwork needed. If you want a well organized program to learn how to evaluate, screen, treatment plan and how to work with your medical community this is really the only program of its kind."


Steve Carstensen, DDS, FAGD

"Kids have one chance to grow up with an optimal physiologic airway and breathing pattern. Dental teams are the best health care providers to identify and treat children at risk. Up to now, getting everyone trained to make a difference for these kids has been difficult. I think the ASAP Pathway is a terrific way for dental teams to create a culture of health for the little ones that will pay off for lifetimes." 

Lupita Roca, DDS

"It is an ever changing field and we are all learning it together. They have really done a fantastic job pouring information into the site and are always willing to lend a hand or answer a question. I am a solo practitioner but now I feel like I have 3 other partners I can go to if I have a question and not feel guilty."

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About the Founders

We are the doctors who will be mentoring you and helping you with every step. Helping you implement pediatric sleep and airway with WAY less stress, hassle, overwhelm and expense than we did.

Learn how we got started on this path, and why we developed this on-demand program to offer all of the Mentoring, Help, Forms and Feedback necessary for you to FINALLY make pediatric airway and sleep an enjoyable and profitable part of your practice.

About ASAP Pathway

Thank You

As we begin this exciting journey together, we just want to thank you for your interest in helping more children with airway, sleep, growth and development issues. Imagine the ultimate impact of helping a single child who then goes on to impact thousands of other people in their lifetime. Now multiply that impact by hundreds or even thousands of children.

You can do this! We can help. You’re not alone.

Please join us as a Member and invest in the futures of children and youth in your area, and perhaps in your own home.